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Trace Heating Services

Jade Insulation provides a comprehensive design and installation service for trace heating requirements. From frost protection to precise heating applications, Jade has the expertise to design the heating circuit and the control/monitoring system. Combined with the optimum insulation selection, we provide a complete solution for internal and external applications.

As an independent provider, Jade are not tied to any specific supplier of trace heating cable, enabling the best solution to be selected for each application.

Jade's approach is to provide a modular system that is easy to operate and maintain, ensuring that removal of any part of the system can be achieved without breaking the circuit. As a single point of contact for both insulation and trace heating we take responsibility for ensuring that this vital part of the installation is completed as efficiently as possible.

In addition to system requirements, Jade provides a range of heated removable jackets for a wide variety of applications including, heated IBC jackets, hose reel covers and pump jackets. This innovative solution includes the trace heating cable being incorporated with the jacket and a plug/socket connection to facilitate easy removal.

Jade undertakes projects from standard trace heating through to ATEX hazardous area requirements, from high temperature to frost protection applications and stand alone heated products. Control systems range from simple air sensing frost stats to integrated monitoring and control systems.