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Hose Reel Covers

This innovative product eliminates the problem of site hose reels freezing even when the supply line is trace heated. The jackets are designed to be retro fitted over the existing hose reel eliminating the need for expensive replacement with fibreglass enclosures and space heaters.

Our hose reel covers are available in heated and unheated versions, are easy to install and cost effective to operate. The heated version come complete with frost protection trace heating installed internally into the cover.
The trace heating can be supplied with a plug and socket to connect to an existing trace heating connection on the supply pipe or pre-terminated to an ambient air sensing thermostat. Thermostats are available in two models; an inline mechanical thermostat or a digital thermostat.

The insulated jackets are manufactured using tough, heavy duty, UV stable PVC outer with access holes to the hose and nozzle eliminating the need to remove the cover once installed. The covers are suitable for retractable hose reels as illustrated but custom made versions are available on request.