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Foam & Wrap™

Foam & Wrap™ is an innovative solution developed by Jade Insulation for insulating small bore pipe work and hoses. The use of closed cell foam for these applications is well established, however providing a long term effective cover for the foam to prevent the ingress of water and contaminants as always been a problem. Traditional use of sealing paint or PIB has only provided short term solutions resulting in failure of the protective surface and subsequent freezing of the pipe work.

Jade has developed an effective solution using a heavy duty, UV stable PVC wrap that can be applied to the closed cell foam to provide a long lasting solution that is removable for maintenance requirements. Available in a range of colours this simple but innovative solution greatly reduces installation time and allows the system to be fitted in all weather conditions. Foam & Wrap can be used with trace heating or as a stand alone insulation system.

This unique solution is only available from Jade Insulation and has been adopted by many water utility companies.